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Fred Birchmore

67 and you may 68. Weil Nang, DMZ. I was motorboat administrator to your a .31 cal equipped LCPL (Captain’s gig rig, USS Fort Marion LSD-22). BGC etcetera. Captained the latest LCVP to possess UDT SUROPS, lower than shore flames. Got Mike 8s towards gauntlet run up the Cua Viet/Bo Dieu so you can Dong Ha, breaking down third bushed from the large fold.This is the day I nonetheless remember, day-after-day as well as on bad evening.

Costs Robbins

Fred, for which you on-board new Fort Marion throughout Late 67 procedure Ballistic Arc? I became agreeable after that. Costs Robbins

Frederick Birchmore

Yes! I was Gunnery and you may second Division Platform Administrator when not for the brand new vessels. Monitored on 35 terrific guys. Gunner Lamagro, Adams, Bass, Risenhauer, , Lt Pedersen are initially LT, preceding Lt Edgar A (Asshole) Dowling. Including was at charge of the concert, and therefore Capt Williams insisted i arm which have MGs fore and you can aft, The fore had ripped overboard of the sling throughout the a frightening hoistout during the high waters. In addition got helo patio obligation and port welldeck ops when I was not being banged within welldeck myself. Lt Kern tried to shanghai me to your Snipes for a long time but We ask manic claustophobia which means that stayed topside and you can wetside. Was nearly agreeable til January 69.

Ed Hover

Once a couple of 11 times tours towards Destroyers delivering gunfire support off from Hanoi to Water Drift are gone to live in Naval Advisory Class Binh Thuey. Try elder enrolled in the IV corps operation center Has worked whenever Ltcdr Graham and you may Radm Mathews responsible for consultative class Spent big date on Rach Soi that have Riv Div, flew objectives having 82-57th medavac regarding Binh Thuey at night Reached satisfy Duffel purse doing work Rach SoI town To any or all who was simply truth be told there when, you’ve got my highest respect

Michael Gregory

I found myself an enthusiastic RMSN on-board the fresh new YRBM-sixteen and later brand new 20from Summer out-of 1970 because of April out of 1971. Even as we were a services business rather than charged with entertaining the latest adversary weren’t “in the butt towards the hardware”. We had been secured dos miles downstream from Cambodia throughout the Mekong river from the Tanh Chau and later from the Chau Doc for the Bassac lake. We’d zero on-board propulsion system and iraqi adult chat room you will were not able so you can operate. We were a massive body weight resting duck. Once the a great radioman my personal requirements had been inboard. the remainder of my entire life was since unwrapped while the others and inboard was not a safe place to get should your barge got mined. YRBMs check shed.

Kent Seifarth

NSAs are mostly depicted just like the “on rear into hardware”. We spent the past eleven months away from my enlistment at NSA Chu lai I Corp. I happened to be a great BM3 allotted to the vessel section, which was composed of 3 LCM 6s transformed into solution pusher boats, used in landing LSTs in the ramp. You to LCM8 that has been play with at the base while the a liquids taxi towards Aquatic tune category for the isle you to bordered you to definitely region of the harbor. After they was indeed changed from the Americal office the responsibility went on, together with on the ARVN after they overran the flame legs on isle. This new 8 vessel was also isolated for a number of from legs dutys. The main “harbor” defense push was basically step 3 MK5 radar picket ships which have been armed which have twin 50s amidship, and also at moments with an unmounted m60. An altered LCVP with an individual 29. A sclmmer with post mount to own a great sixty. New crews for each of those boats was switched on an excellent rotational basis, both being along with her either perhaps not. Every one had they’re stimulate other vessels. Whenever you are Chu Lai is actually believed relatively safer, each one of these duty projects got the risks. Are trapped anywhere between a couple of LSTs towards the an effective 6 watercraft, if you’re under a skyrocket assault without being in a position to take any kind of coverage is actually cause of specific good anal contractions. The 7 ship came lower than flames towards the businesses off Chu Lai. This new MK 5s and you will LCVP patrolled the brand new harbor minimizing Trulong river, generated watercraft concludes boardings, and lookups, delt that have sappers, mines, therefore the unusual attempt regarding the coast. It was a daily/nightly jobs that of your own ship division resided that have. I also did a blue water concert tour to the USS Sproston DD 577 a may from pearl. I am aware brand new You.S.N. Did their area in manners that can never be told


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