A beneficial pragma-sociolinguistic deconstruction of ‘dress’, ‘meet’, and ‘toast’ in Southwestern Nigeria

New vibrant characteristics from code might have been emphasised from inside the words knowledge, particularly certainly one of sociolinguists, pragmaticists, and you can discourse analysts. This dynamism out of language shows you as to the reasons there exists adaptation from the semantic realisations out-of words even certainly one of sound system of the identical code. Inside a recent individual telecommunications with an associate, as an instance, discover a heated discussion towards the appropriateness or else of the popular question certainly one of of several Nigerian profiles off English ‘How try your own nights?’. According to this associate out-of mine, the English culture frowns in the particularly a question since it is noticed prying for the confidentiality of one’s fellow getting asked. ‘ Yet not, once the an excellent sociolinguist, I attempted to incorporate a justification for possible appropriateness of declaration from the Nigerian perspective, given the proven fact that the fresh new (Nigerian) socio-social perspective you to births instance a question won’t interpret they because asking for an individual’s intimate sense, because it can also be considered from inside the purview out of the fresh new totality of feel at night, and that have a sound sleep, not went along to because of the armed robbers, yet others. So it vibrant translation of your phrase is hinged for the indigenisation of your vocabulary in the Nigeria hence frequently keeps birthed ‘Nigerian English’ diversity. Which, the brand new translation away from particular English terminology for the Nigeria is actually susceptible to more contextual realisations that comprise brand new socio-social details in the country. Because associated with the innovation, of several students and you can observers possess clamoured towards detection of one’s Nigerian type of English. Although not, which anxiety hasn’t been pragmatically treated. The fresh core in the papers, ergo, is to after that participate new impression of your Nigerian socio-cultural environment to your English (in the nation) need in the country. Particularly, this research, taking an excellent cue from Adegbija Bello’s (2001) manage the brand new semantic subtleties out-of Ok on the Nigerian perspective, and you can Adeyanju’s (2011) pragma-sociolinguistic dissection of your own term See in Nigerian English, initiatives a pragma-sociolinguistic ong Nigerians, particularly in the brand new southwestern. Given that will likely be present in this papers, the words ‘dress’, ‘meet’ and ‘toast’ are faced with more contextual perceptions, many of which line up using its L1 (1) contextual need and in some other era portray the new Nigerian L2 perspective. That is in line with Adegbija Bello’s () distribution one:

Ergo, some instances of one’s translation of one’s terms ‘dress’, ‘meet’ and ‘toast’ might possibly be tough otherwise completely impossible to possess an enthusiastic English presenter off another socio-cultural history, considering their Nigerian peculiarity.

Which distribution reinforces new viewpoint of Adegbija Bello (2001: 89) below:

This study, as mentioned before, targets three lexical points (verbs) on English language. Naturally, these are perhaps not the only products which reveal the newest Nigerian feel of your own access to English. By way of example, the expression website visitors, an effective noun, can be found in the new verb sense certainly Nigerians as in ‘trafficate’. Although not, the lexical facts: top, see and you will toast have been purposively chosen to own study in this investigation as they are common one of English lexical circumstances commonly used on the Nigerian sense. Although these terms are included in the new lexical products examined from the Igboanusi (2010), its certain contextual senses, especially because looked inside study, have not been seized.


On my buddy, practical question feels as though inquiring ‘how is actually your sex feel history evening?

English words continues to be the most long lasting legacy british colonial gurus bequeathed so you’re able to Nigeria, just like the age after the nation attained independence, this lady has kept tightly on vocabulary, particularly in important domains such studies, management, wellness, judiciary, as well as others. As reported by Banjo (1982), this new use of your own vocabulary since a code having large communications extends back to 1862. This is the period whenever Lagos try formally mainly based as a colony by Uk colonial experts. Taiwo (2009) reports that inside the 1882, in an attempt by the to promote brand new assimilationist culture, the british colonial bodies brought an act you to definitely introduced studies under bodies handle making English brand new typical of tuition from inside the colleges. This lifestyle provides proceeded years adopting the country gathered versatility while the the language remains the major words from education in Nigerian universities along side individuals amounts of training in the united states. The text is actually accepted while the specialized language (come across Bamgbose, 2000; Fadoro, 2012). It can be created because words out of upward mobility during the the country as it is will believed ‘to make headway when you look at the Nigeria, one must has an English head’ (Ajayi, 2013).

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