Brett Solomano

Director, Estates Division

 (678) 960 – 2850

Have you always wanted to get started in real estate?

Perhaps you knew there was a better way of making money?


Maybe you’ve read all the books but just never made your start?


Maybe you always felt like you were missing something?


The knowledge?

The mentor?

The community?

The resources?

The money?

The right deal?


We can help you with all that!

Thumb Rules are CRAP!

To get into real estate YOU DON’T NEED…

  • Thousands of dollars… (I never used any of my own money to purchase my last deal!)
  • To live near where you buy… (I still own one house in Australia that I’ve never seen!)
  • Specific “investing skills” or “handyman skills”… (Many real estate investors don’t have a degree and didn’t do well in school. I’m one of them! You can learn along the way!)
  • A good credit score… (I moved to the US less than three years ago and my last deal received funding based on how good the deal was NOT on how good I was.)

YOU CAN GET STARTED with just a couple of nights per week in your spare time and get going TODAY!

    • We have the COMMUNITY (of REAL real estate investors)!
    • We have the EDUCATION to give you the KNOWLEDGE! (It’s ALL current, digestible and taught by trained professionals.)
    • And we can point you to the other RESOURCES that you’ll need along the way (how to build your team and your assets)!
    • All you need is the DRIVE and the PERSISTENCE to show up to your INTENTION of investing in your future through real estate.

Your First Step…

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